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Wheels & Castors

Adhesives & Lubricants
Product categories include:
  • Swivel Castors
  • Shock Absorbing Castors
  • Braked Castors
  • High Temperature Castors
  • Fixed Castors
  • Jacking Castors
  • Light Duty Castors
  • Nylon Wheels
  • Medium Duty Castors
  • Rubber Tyre Wheels
  • Heavy Duty Castors
  • Cast Iron Wheels
  • Extra Heavy Duty Castors
  • Steel Wheels
  • Pressed Steel Castors
  • Polyurethane Tyre Wheels
  • Fabricated Steel Castors
  • Antistatic Wheels
  • Stainless Steel Castors
  • Elastic Rubber Tyre Wheels
  • Synthetic Castors
  • Flanged Wheels
  • Medical Castors
  • V-Grooved Wheels
  • Industrial Castors
  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Institutional Castors
  • Cargo Castors
  • Furniture Castors

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We offer a range of wheels and castors to suit virtually any need, from world renowned manufacturers like AUT, Flexello and REVVO

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